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A journal of the ongoing exploration of painting. Continually trying to push the boundaries of my art practice.  The challenge is to reach the image in my head. Drawing is always my default starting point and then the materiality of the paint takes over to breathe life into the result.

New Warraba painting

By valbrightjones, Jan 4 2019 08:31AM

Having sold my Warraba painting at Art Fair East, I decided to paint the scene again. It is a lovely memory of swimming in the cool river whilst staying in dusty, Manilla, Australia where temperatures reach the low 30 degrees daily. Capturing the fierce sunlight on the water as it filters through the giant trees is difficult. By thinking myself back into the space I try to achieve the feelings of being there. Hope I've come reasonably close but will probably make more attempts at this. Some may find their way into a forthcoming exhibition at The Minories, Colchester in March.

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